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Prayers for Jim's brother..

My husbands brother, Rick, has Stage 4 lung cancer. He just turned 49 yrs. old and never smoked a day of his life. The Cancer is in both lungs & has spread to the neck, hip and back/spine. Please be much in prayer for him.

He was diagnosed in 2008 with a lung disease he contracted from doing woodworking in an old chicken coop from breathing the air in there. His doctor treated him for that infection/disease for close to a year.
In Dec. 2009 Rick got a blood clot in his heart. With his health & his breathing growing worse, he was able to get in immmediately at Indianapolis Riley hospital. They told him he had the cancer tumors, as well, beneath the infectious mass, and that it had already spread.

It's sure been a long battle for him. He is currently taking chemo treatments and staying strong mentally and physically. He walks at least 2 miles or more a couple of times a week. He is trying his best to "live WITH cancer" instead of dieing OF cancer. He is a very strong christian man and has great faith in what God has done and what God can do. He does not want to give up, but he knows that God may choose to take him on home. He is trying to live the best quality of life possible for his situation right now.

I know by experience that this forum has great prayer warriors in it and I ask that you lift Rick up in prayer. Thank-you and God Bless.
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