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Re: Pheasantbacks

I came across a vehicle on Saturday that had Indiana plates, and the dealership was Warsaw-Goshen. I was in the Harrietta Hills, and managed to not get lost this time.
About 30 years ago, my parents and I walked in on a two-track and walked out on the wrong one, eventually getting driven back to our motorhome by some other hunters. I knew that when I came to a two-track after leaving the one going in, that it was a different one that I had came in on, and followed it to the right road. That was when I saw the suv from Northern IN. Was that you or perhaps Big Amish?
I only found 2 there. Before all the ash trees died, that area was one of the best in Wexford Co. for yellows IMHO.

The mushrooms on the stump are in the Harrietta Hills, the log mushrooms were found in the rolling hills near Caberfae. I won't get too specific though on where I was, as I found some trampled morels and morel stumps near the log ;).

Jeff O.
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