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Surgury lasted about 3 1/2 hours. Everything went well. Grandma has lots of screws and bolts to keep her all intacked. She is required to be off the foot completely for six weeks. She will be wheelchair bound. They are thinking tomorrow she will probably go home. Thank you to everyone who took a minute to pray and or think of grandma during this time. Now we are hoping recovery goes great. Doctors have said that she has some cartlidge tear in her foot that could possibley bring on some arthritis in the future but right now, since she has osteoprosis, she is very very fragile and told to "Sit tight" to get better. I am sure family will help her in anyway we are able. Hopefully we will all remember that this is going to be super hard for her due to her loss. May God give us the patience to help her through her tring times.
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