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Re: Big chicken


I was able to salvage quite a bit of the chicken. I have rediscovered my wok and Chinese cooking, so I stir-fried a bunch of it yesterday.

I experimented with the rest. I stir-fried small pieces in peanut oil until they started to get limp, bagged them and froze them. I got about 5 sandwich bags of chicken of woods. I intend to use these as stir-fry additions.

I have also rediscovered Chinese egg dishes. They are marvelous and I think chicken of the woods with egg foo yung or something similar would be amazing.

One other thing that cost me some of that chicken. Notice the soil that is under it. It is dry, fine sand. I dropped the fungus in it. It was so fresh and wet that the sand embedded itself all over the chicken. I spent a long time cleaning and actually had to pitch some otherwise perfect chicken meat!

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