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Morel & false morel photo's Morels or False Morels photo's only.

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Name: Dave
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Grand Blanc
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126 Near Lansing...

Ok its been a long while since I found these types, actually as a kid long ago...Are these still safe to eat, referring to the pic with the 3 together, your help will be appreciated...Sorry only paper I had was Sunday so the day is wrong, all found today!!

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Name: Ron
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Rochester Hills
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Re: 126 Near Lansing...

They look like verpas to me, but cut them in half and look for white fibers inside the stem. I would toss them to be safe considering you have a zillion soaking. Great find
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Name: Mike
Southern, Michigan USA
Ann Arbor
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Re: 126 Near Lansing...

The three that you separated, and the one in the lower right of the first picture are verpas. I wouldn't eat them...
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Farmal M Puller
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Name: Ron
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Re: 126 Near Lansing...

slice them in half if they are hollow they are fine. The verpa has a cotton like substance that fills the stem. From what I can see they look to be good ol pepper tops

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Name: Lisa
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Re: 126 Near Lansing...

do not soak them in water man, they are totally clean when picked, those might be half frees...
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Name: Frank
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Midland Co.
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Re: 126 Near Lansing...

They look like Verpa's to me too. They have ridges with hollows rather than pits that the true morel has.
And in the 2nd photo I can see at least one Cap floating by itself.

A half free will not lose the cap unless you work at it.

But a Verpa will lose them with just a thunk or knock, such as pouring them out of the bag or getting knocked around in the bag while hunting.

Toss em man and be safe.


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Name: steve
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Re: 126 Near Lansing...

I agree most of them are the ones with cotton in the stem by the looks of them and don't eat them.
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