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Name: Blake
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Re: 10 People in MI Sickened from "Rocket Fue

tazdevil, you do know that you're cooking out the toxin in morels right? there are plenty of other edible mushrooms that are just as easy to identify, and have NO poisonous look alikes that grow through all seasons that have no toxin needed to be cooked out... just saying. you're taking more of a chance with morels than you would be with the oyster mushrooms... just saying :)
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Re: 10 People in MI Sickened from "Rocket Fue

I just read somewhere that Verpa conica is edible, but not as good as Verpa bohemica. I also read that some people get sick from V. bohemica but not V. conica. I've read that both are very watery.
I personally avoid all verpas.

I've also heard that you can get sick from verpas after eating them safely for years, too.

Too much uncertaintly with verpas regarding their I'll just stick to morels! I've only gotten stomach upset from morels once, but that was because I had drank hard liquor a few hours before eating the morels....which mushroom books tell you not to do, so that was my own dumb fault.
I have never eaten morels raw, as raw morels are toxic.

Jeff O.
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