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Name: Kip
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Saturday harvest, Barry County

I've had years of 2000 morels
This year 35
Is the season done in central mi?
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Name: Blake
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Re: Saturday harvest, Barry County

Kip, it's probably not that far away from being done but you should still be finding them.
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Name: Brad
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Re: Saturday harvest, Barry County

We just found a bunch of fresh yellows in northern indiana on the 16th so i would say they should still have a week or so of life left in them up that far north...
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Name: Jordan
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Re: Saturday harvest, Barry County

Originally Posted by odic View Post
Hi. Nice Haul! This was my first year hunting. I found 1 in my yard on Thursday here in Hastings while mowing the grass and got motivated. I just got back today on Saturday from about 7 hours of plodding through the woods trying to eyeball some morels and am discouraged. I used my GPS to find last years 400+ acre DNR control burn zone in Yankee Springs area on the advise of their site...

My question is this....where are they? Haha! of course that's my question right! Lol No, I understand everyone has their secrets, but I would like to know how long you guys typically look before finding some? I'm wondering if I need to turn some leaves or what? I've been looking on the northern slopes among the tree fall branches and rotting stumps. Any advise for this area?
Todd- I also hunt Barry Co, and for what it's worth, I've never found morels around the Yankee Springs controlled burn sites. I've heard people have good luck with burn sites out west, but for some reason burn sites don't equal mushrooms in Yankee Springs.

Don't give up though, Yankee is one of the best spots in the area for mushrooms, you just got to know where to go and be willing to go far off the beaten trails ;)
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Name: Josh
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Genesee County
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Re: Saturday harvest, Barry County

Just now seeing this, but I definitely find these up north around ash. Not a ton, but some. Typically not where I hunt in NE LP, just on the NW side of the mitten.

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