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Cantharellus indiocolor aka Hairy Chanterelle

My husband gave me Chris Matherly's book "250 Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms" for Valentine's Day (he really loves me) and I can't locate this mushroom online using Google or Yahoo search.

Has anyone heard of this mushroom? Could it possibly be a typo? I don't think anyone proofread this book because it is full of typos and page number errors.

I tried to send Matherly a message using Facebook (hubby's account since I don't have one) and couldn't figure it out.

IF anyone has this book it's located on page 205.

It is said to have a White, creamy or yellowish spore pint with cream to orange false gills.

Flesh is thin and white.

"These are small chanterelles that are somewhat rare and not usually growing over three inches tall. They have small hairs with close examination."

One interesting note, he does not have Cantharellus /Craterellus ignicolor in his book. I can't tell by the photo or description if it could possibly be a typo.

On this page the picture 4th from the top on the right hand side looks similar.

Unfortunately Matherly's description in his book is extremely limited and mentions nothing about the bottom of the mushroom being yellow.

Thoughts? Suggestions as to what to search next?

Mushroom Jack, when is your book coming out? HURRY. PLEASE!
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Name: jon
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Re: Cantharellus indiocolor aka Hairy Chanter

I've heard of that mushroom and it may have slight poison. I also know Chris from being on tv with him. He is more into marketing and money than real knowledge. I would look elsewhere for info. Good luck
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