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Name: Jo

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'till next year

Well, morel season is over (unless there's some still hiding out there somewhere). With gas prices over $4 a gallon, I just can't justify chasing around searching for morels......I don't have a "big haul" spot, so we don't get that many anyway. I don't know the other kinds of mushrooms to hunt, except for big puff balls, and after eatting those, I don't think I want to know the others......syrup didn't even help the taste.....YUK!

We have a major plumbing project this summer, so I'll be fairly sparse on the board. I will try to stop in once a month to at least say HELLO.

Good luck to all mushroom hunters that go from morels to whatever comes next. As for me, I won't be back in the woods till next year.....unless it's to chase our stupid dog that got loose again.........grrrrrrrrrr. She likes to find and roll on dead animals.....pew. Anybody want a dog with 1 working brain cell....she's FREE.
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Name: Paul
Northern, Ontario Canada
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Puff balls are not that bad. Try basting ( an inch thick round slices) in a beaten egg or two, salt and pepper and saute until crisp. I find them very tasty.

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