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Miscellaneous Photo's Non-Mushroom photographs of wildlife, kids, pets, fishing, hunting, hobbies & what have you.

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Name: Barb
Central, Michigan USA
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Ever seen one of these ?

The term 'piebald,' used to identify a whitetail with at least one extra splotch of whitehair, has an interesting origin. 'Pie' means 'mixed up;' 'bald' means 'having a white spot.

To a horseman, a 'piebald' is a horse with black and white splotches; one with brown and white splotches actually is known as a 'skewbald.

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Name: Barb
Central, Michigan USA
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Re: Ever seen one of these ?

one more
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Name: Gary
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Re: Ever seen one of these ?

Never seen a true Piebald in the wild.There is suppose to be one down the main road from the house that some nieghbors have seen but I have'nt caught a glimps of it yet....they are pretty cool looking...
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Name: Brad
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Re: Ever seen one of these ?

Nice Pics Barb. Amy and I had one hanging around the house last year. We seen it a few times, but never got any pics of it though.

I beleive the DNR want hunters to take them out, on account of over populating the herd with em. I could be wrong with that info though.

Although I dont beleive they want you to shoot TRUE ALBINO..
Anyone may correct me if I'm wrong.

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Name: Brandt
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Barry County
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Re: Ever seen one of these ?

We had a piebald doe that was around our property in the Comins, MI area for years. She had fawns every year, and one year she had a buck fawn that got nicknamed, Snowball. He was almost entirely white with a patch of brown on his neck and one on his hind quarter. He developed into a beautiful 8pt his third year but never seemed to go into rut. He was always with other deer all through the fall, and I never saw him chasing does or separating from the does in the fall. A neighbor shot him while sitting on his freaking roof of his camp as the buck at carrots in the back yard. What a "sportsman" he was. Some citiot from Detroit. He was actually a police officer and thought he was the coolest guy in the world until word got out what had happened and the DNR showed up. His City of Detroit badge did him no good when the Department of Natural Resources showed up! I never did hear if he got fined for hunting "from" the camp. I've only talked to those neighbors twice since then and that was back in the early 90's. Both times it was when I shot wounded deer that I had tracked back to their wire and when I went to the camp both times no one wanted to admit to shooting and wounding a doe. Both times the guys said, "I shot. But I missed." WRONG! I'm sorry I've ranted so long in this thread but it really grinds me when people don't show respect for the animals they hunt. And seeing those pics reminded me of that whole thing.

But back to the topic at hand!!!! AWESOME pics, and thank you so much for sharing! I could look at pictures of deer ALL day long. Thanks again for sharing!


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-Me explaining to my in-laws about morel hunting
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Name: Mike
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Re: Ever seen one of these ?

Have a piebald around here, small buck, most of head and neck are white,mike
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Name: Debbie
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Midland Co.
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Re: Ever seen one of these ?

Thats a very pretty deer. Thanks for sharing. There used to be quite a few up in the Indian River area, used to see them on the buck poles.

Happy Morel Dreams!
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