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Name: Pablo
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Any advice on preserving morels?

I would like to try that canning recipe. Would you please post it? Thanks Pablo
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Name: Wendy
Northern, Michigan usa
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Re: Any advice on preserving morels?

I fry mine up like I am going to use them, but instead put them in individual freezer bags and freeze them. Pull them out as I need them. They are perfect! I know no one ever does this but to me they are the best! Try it!
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Name: Barb
Central, Michigan USA
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Re: Any advice on preserving morels?

I do like Wendy does. My husband like them on Steak or alone so I give them a quick clean in salt water, rinse and put in a pan with some butter. When the mushrooms are at their max of liquid release I stop and let cool. Them I put them in ziplocks with all the juices and freeze. When it time to use I pull out and finish cooking. I like leeks so I add to some of them before freezing but hubby likes them plain in butter. Due to the fact Im in a RV for almost a month that works the best for me. I usually have to send a cooler home of froozen one to make sure I have enough room let for grays, whites and yellows.
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happy camper
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Name: Becky
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Any advice on preserving morels?

I dry mine on a baking cooling rack with some paper towel under the rack to asorb some of the moisture. turning every day until totally dry. Put them in a jar or just a zipplock baggie.
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Name: Frank
Central, Michigan USA
Midland Co.
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Re: Any advice on preserving morels?

joe pohl,

People are waiting for your canning morel recipe/method. Just a hint. LOL

I've got to say tho' that you are the 1st person who says they have good results with canning morels. Most describe them as being too mushy goushy after trying canning.

So I am very interested in how you can them, and how they turn out for other people.


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mr cyrus
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Name: cyrus
Southern, Michigan st joe
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Re: Any advice on preserving morels?

i myself like to string em on fish line like shroonthumper, let hang in my barn till dry, and i leave em for awhile then mason jar, works really well and easy. no preparation til cooking time. yes i like the look of em in the jar, good conversation peice when company come's over!!
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Name: Paul
Northern, Ontario Canada
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Re: Any advice on preserving morels?

There are a few ways to preserve morels:
(1) Drying: Place morels on a large surface on cloth or paper towels(best if you have a large screen)where there is lots of air ventilation(i.e. under a fan or outside). The process should take a few days. This method allows drying without oxidation or cooking which tends to turn the morels black and affects the natural flavor. I've tried electric heater drying units and I've had poor results.
Also you might want to check for bugs and soil before drying. Remove as much as you can before drying. A "brisk" cold wash might work but will extend the drying time if too much water is absorbed.

(2) You may also partially cook the morels and then freeze in freezer air tight bags. Here you MUST first clean the morels with cold water untill all the sand, soil and bugs(if any) are extracted. Once cleaned, sautee the morels in very hot oil with a bit of butter(no salt!). Do enough at a time to fill a zip bag. Once the temperature of the morels reaches 180 F most of the bacteria will be neutralized and you can place liquid and morels into the freezer bag. Cool quickly by placing the bag in ice cold water to stop the cooking. Lastly extact with a straw as much air as possible and close. Now freeze. When ready to eat the morels should taste the same as freshly picked and cooked.

(3) Freeze the morels in airless bags or by introducing inert nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation. This may not work however if there is any moister. It sometimes works for dryer burn area morels that have a more stable composition.

Good Luck! Paul
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drying, drying mushrooms

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