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Re: Prayers For My Dear Friend

Hi all!
Wanted to give you an update.
Gina's spirits are still good. That's a plus. They have her paralysis classified as ASIA B, incomplete. Which means that she has some feeling, but no motor skills. I was with her 2 days ago during some of her occupational therapy and although she hasn't gained movement in her hands and fingers yet, she is learning to make-do. She is doing better than she was 2 weeks ago but its slow progress. They gave her a release date of August 27th.
There is some controversy regarding the accident. All the newspapers listed the accident as road-rage, which has not helped matters, because Eric (her bf -who was driving) and Gina adamantly deny that there was no road-rage on Eric's part. Long story short- A woman was tail-gaiting very close. She admitted that much. Eric tapped his brakes, to let her know she was too close. He was going to let her pass and she popped out from behind, so he thought she was going to pass. She popped back in behind them and stayed there. Eric tapped his brakes again and she lost control hitting them. Now I don't if any laws have changed since I took drivers training, but we were taught to tap our brakes as a courtesy to let another driver know they are too close. Well apparently times have changed and now its considered road-rage if you tap your brakes?? I wanted to know what ever happened to tail-gaiting and hitting someone from behind? Regardless, its just another issue (Not knowing if Eric will be charged for something she believes was not his fault)that she has to deal with while she is trying to heal. They were not wearing their seatbelt's, which I don't understand...but I am not to judge...just scold.
Please keep her in your prayers. She is truly fighting to gain her movement back. She said she has had fears in her life, but this was not one of them she ever considered. She also thanks everyone for their prayers. Anytime I talk to her or visit, she has someone there, so it is comforting to know that she is not alone, when I am so far away.
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Re: Prayers For My Dear Friend

Regardless of how it happened I hope she recovers and everyone else makes out ok as well.

i haven't been on here in a while and just saw this.
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