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Name: Ed
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A couple simple questions.

I have been researching the hens of the woods. They appear to come in many different colors and a variety of sizes. Are the smaller ones more tender. The articles hinted at the color was affected by exposure to sun light. Could the type of trees affect color or taste.

Our giant puff ball season is about to start here. How many people eat the tuff outer layer. I have aways removed it. I have read some articles that state this layer adds addition flavor. I was just curious what most of you do?
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Name: Ed
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: A couple simple questions.

There has been alot of discussion re: the color and shape of hens. Some are convinced the color has to do with exposure to the sun. I believe it was Miker that made the point that there is way too much variability from sample to sample to be explained away by this exposure.

All I know is that they are the best eating fungus I know of and I haven't found one this year yet (and I looked at 80-100 oak bases today!).

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Name: Brad
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Re: A couple simple questions.

Went out last weekend for Hens. Found 2 Chickens, and a few Aborted Entalomas.

But no Hens here either....

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