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Field guides & book reviews Please put the books NAME and AUTHOR in your title.

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Ohio Transplant
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Cooking With Mushrooms - by Steven Wheeler

I found this book today at a weekly flea market held locally here. I bought it for 7 dollars Canadian. I've checked it out online and most of the pictures of it have a different cover, but I can tell you it is chock full of some really nice recipes. It is divided into sections like a standard cookbook, such as Soups, Starters & Salads; Poultry & Game dishes; Beef, Pork & Lamb; Fish & Shellfish as well as Vegetarian dishes. All dishes include, of course, mushrooms. The Author, Steven Wheeler, deals with most of the common edibles we are familiar with. The Agarics, Lactarius, Chanterelles, Marasmius, Boletus, Morels among many others. If you'd like a copy at this reduced price, let me know and I'll see how many more they had there. It's only open on Tuesdays. Looks like pricing online is about 15 dollars U.S. or so.
Many color photos, including what mushrooms go with what type of dish in the Authors opinion. Preserving techniques including using the time tested European method of salt preservation among many others.
Pretty nice book for 7 bucks.

online at
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Re: Cooking With Mushrooms - by Steven Wheeler

Yes Bill, they do reissue books, with different covers, why is beyond me,mike
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