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Name: Judy
Central, Michigan USA
St. Johns
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Fresh Salsa

Need a receipe for fresh salsa not canned. I am also not one for hot salsa, just plain old salsa to dip chips in. Any takers? Judy
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Name: Donna
Central, Michigan USA
Saginaw Co.
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I second that Judy.
I have been looking for one also.

I am also looking for a good lo-cal marinade for chicken.

Donna <------
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Ok. Here are some:


Tesax Salsa:

Ingredients to make one quart of Ed’s Texas Salsa:

8-10 fresh Roma tomatos
2-3 fresh Jalapeño peppers
1 small to medium Poblano pepper
1 Habanero pepper (optional)
2 Banana peppers (optional)
1 Lime (juice only)
1/2 Orange or Tangerine (juice only)
1/2 bunch Cilantro
1 Carrot
1 Bunch small green onions

Tools: Blender, knife, food processor

Put one jalapeño pepper (one habanero) and three tomatos in a blender, along with lime and orange juice, and blend on the lowest setting. Then add the cilantro (I prefer to separate the leaves from the stems, but some people don’t bother), sufficient tomatos to fill the blender 2/3’s full, and finish blending. Put the remaining peppers and tomatos in a hand-operated food processor and cut them up coarsely, and add them to the mix. (If you don’t have a hand operated food processor, you can use a knife to dice them by hand, or you can just blend them like the rest.) Grate the carrot and chop the onions finely (including the green portion) and add them at the end.

I usually make two quarts at a time (one for me, and one for giving away) but I have written the recipe to make one quart because that is about how much you can fit in the average blender. Salsa is always best raw. You should eat it in a couple or three days, while it’s still “crisp.”

When I first started making salsa I used canned tomatos, but one summer I grew my own and quickly realized that fresh tomatos were the only way to go. I try to find the ripest, juciest tomatos possible. If the tomatos aren’t good, forget it.

I like my salsa piquant (picante). Some of my friends will add 4, 6, or 8 peppers, but I usually keep it down to 2 or 3 Jalapeños per quart. Most of them are hot, but occasionally I get mild ones. If the salsa is too mild, I don’t hesitate to buy peppers from a different source (or pick some from my garden) and chop them up to add to the mix. A single habanero does the trick quite nicely. Salsa that is too mild defeats the purpose of salsa.

I find Poblano peppers add a certain sweet taste that gives my salsa a distinctive and subtle flavor. When I have them fresh from my garden, I also add Banana peppers or Anaheim peppers. Habaneros have a wonderful sweet flavor, but they are too hot for some people (after the salsa sits for a day or two they don’t seem quite so hot).

Lime juice is essential. Orange or tangerine juice adds a subtle sweetness, and seems to keep salsa from giving people heartburn, though it is not a common ingredient.

Cilantro is essential. It is easy to add too little and difficult to add too much. In some parts of the world cilantro can be hard to find--”Italian parsley” is close. I can’t recommend using dried cilantro--you might as well add dirt.

Carrots are for color and texture as much as anything, but are also very good for you. I grate rather than blend them.

I use green onions, but many people prefer large white onions. Sometimes a white onion can be hotter than the Jalapeños. I chop the onions rather than blending them because I like the texture. Some people don’t, so they just blend the whole mess.

Latest variant: One day I couldn’t get any jalapeños, so I used one habanero, two serranos, and two poblano peppers in two quarts. It was damn near the best batch I ever made.

You will find more salsa recipes here. You will find photographs of fresh peppers here.
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Name: Carla
Central, Michigan usa
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sounds good im gonna try it

Life is not about waiting for the storm to's about dancing in the rain...
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Name: JACK
Northern, California usa
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THREE ALARM VARIATION: 3 chipotle peppers pureed (chipotle are smoked jalapenos)
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Name: Judy
Central, Michigan USA
St. Johns
Join Date: Feb 8, 2003
Posts: 594

Thanks guys, can't wait to try it. have to go to the grocery tomorrow and get a few items for the salsa. Will let you know how it turns out. Judy
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Name: Matthew
Southern, Maine USA
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I love roasted poblano's in my salsa. Wonderful earthy taste and roasting makes them fairly mellow in het. Make sure to get ones that are still firm. They seem to get hotter as they age.
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Princess Roon
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Name: Lisa
Central, Michigan USA
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Everyone be warned... when chopping jalepenos or any hot pepper, be sure to remove all the seeds before chopping! The oils from the seeds can burn your hands if you are doing it all by hand. I found out the hard way and my hands burned for a day or so like the dickens! OUCH! &*@$&%

I had a mushroom dream last night...and I could see just fine.

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