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Other Type Mushroom photo's Post only if your'e sure which mushroom it is.

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Name: Jeff
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Re: Hens shaggys puffbalss and more hens

I hear that chefs are looking for edibles they recognize. And in markets in Chicago are paying high dollar for hens and chicken of the woods.
If you have more than you can potentially make some extra money for the upcoming Holiday Season.

Jeff O.
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Mushroom Jack
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Name: Jack
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Re: Hens shaggys puffbalss and more hens

In Michigan you have to be licensed by the MDARD Food and Dairy Division to sell Wild Mushrooms to Restaurants and such.

Tip of the " Mushroom Cap " to ya's !!!
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Name: Doreen
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Re: Hens shaggys puffbalss and more hens

I've been cleaning hens all day. I've had enough. Only a few more to go. Think I'll send them with hubby to work and let the Hmong have them. One of the guys has been asking my son, who works there also, about them. I only learned of this yesterday. I hope the hens aren't too dry.
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