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Name: Jeff
Southern, Michigan USA
Benton Harbor
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Re: Beefsteak?

In the old mushroom book my parents had, I found a newspaper article regarding the consumption of wild mushrooms.
It is an Associated Press article, date unknown, titled "Don't Eat Any Old Fungi, Exports Warn."
I'm not going to type out the whole article here, but rather give a summary.
It mentions that the biggest danger for morel fans is mushroom poisoning, and the best protection against it is knowing what you're looking for. {You've found the right place to learn what is good and what isn't when you came across this forum!}
The article mentions that not all fungi are edible, and some are deadly.
The article was apparently written and published in May, as it mentions that it is May and many people will be flocking to Michigan to gather morels.
It mentions an old wives tale that "poisonous mushrooms will turn a silver spoon black" is false, and goes to mention the characteristics of morels vs. false morels.

The article goes on to mention that a spokesman for the University of Michigan's herbarium said the beefsteak morel, once considered edible, can be toxic. The spokesman said that these mushrooms contain monomethyl hydrazene, the same substance used in rocket fuel. The fumes can be, but not always, driven off in cooking. It also mentions that fumes from the "plant" have been known to make people sick. The spokesman said the beefsteak mushroom should not be eaten at all.
I don't know if they knew about how the monomethyl hydrazene collects in the body because your body can't flush it out, so it accumulates if you repeatedly eat beefsteaks, until you have enough to poison yourself.

My best advice is leave this mushroom alone. Don't even come into contact with it.

Jeff O.
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Name: Brian
Southern, Michigan USA
Grand Rapids
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Re: Beefsteak?

Thanks for all the feedback everyone! It's truly incredible how much knowledge people bring to this forum, both from various sources and first hand experience.
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Name: Rork
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Beefsteak?

Still no pointers to links about the toxins accumulating in the body long term.
I'll believe that eating shrooms for 3 days running poses risks that are different than eating them once every 3 years. In fact we worry that eating a quart of "white" (M. esculentoides) morels for 3 days running might have some effects.

PS: The same Alexander Smith book likely says Gyrometra korfii is eaten by people. Again, I am not saying you should try it. Just that it is a different shroom than G. esculenta.
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Name: Debbie
Central, Michigan USA
Midland Co.
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Re: Beefsteak?

I understand that you are sharing knowledge and while that is very appreciated, the adamant way you are talking about the eating of the dangerous mushrooms is not reassuring to me. We have MANY people that come here and will take away only portions of posts that they WANT to see.

We have always discouraged posts on the eating of the beefsteaks and Verpas due to that very fact. I do not feel like getting sued because "someone read a post on MM and they said it was ok to eat."

The poison in false morels is MMH, or monmethylhydrazine (a chemical also found in rocket fuel). Its toxicity may be cumulative (you may eat false morels safely for years and then, one day, croak after one bite). Clearly, MMH is not to be messed with.**** Reference: Kuo, M. (2006, December). Gyromitra: The false morels. Retrieved from the MushroomExpert.Com Web site.

While YOU may eat them and be okay (for now) not everyone can. Please refrain from posting anymore that the deadly's are okay to eat.
Thank you for appreciating my concerns.

Happy Morel Dreams!

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Name: Gary
Northern, Michigan USA
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Re: Beefsteak?

I'm no mushroom expert by any means but when most experts and publications warn of the consumption of Beefsteaks(Gyromita Esculentas) then it's a safe bet to stay away from them reguardless of how many people have eaten them for years and had no ill effects.In 2013 there were several hundred cases of mushroom poisoning in Michigan....some from just plain sensitivities,some from too much consumption along with too much alchohol but the majority was from Beefsteaks and other misidentified wild fungi...there is a lot of misinformation on outdoors web sites about the edibility of Beefsteaks and how to make them safe to consume....I for one won't eat them and will not pick them for others.
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Name: Rork
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Beefsteak?

Mean this page?
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Name: Ted
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Re: Beefsteak?

It sure is a great site to learn from and meet great people.

Take time to feel the ground below your feet and stay connected to the Earth. Remember, If you eat the wrong mushroom, you'll be part of the earth, in lieu of connected to the earth. Ted
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