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Old May 6, 2008, 10:51 pm   #1
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Name: Vincent
Southern, Michigan USA
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Your choice of handheld GPS

Just curious if anyone uses a handheld GPS when they go out hunting. I used a Garmin eTrex Legend (blue case) last year during morel season and it saved our a$$es more than once. I ended up returning it after the season was over, but I need to go out and purchase another one for this year. (yeah, I plan on keeping it this time)

Anyhew, I'd like to stay around $200 if possible and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations as far as a brand or model. The eTrex Legend model was okay, but I think a color screen is going to be a requirement on my next one.

Thanks and good luck everyone!
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Name: jeff
Central, Ohio usa
Join Date: Mar 9, 2004
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i've had a garmin 12 for several years now and i'm gonna keep it until it wears out.
it has enough features for me.i also get alot of use from it when i'm on lake erie and any other lake i fish.
i always have spare batteries and a compass just in case it takes a nose dive!
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Name: jeff
Central, Ohio usa
Join Date: Mar 9, 2004
Posts: 94

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i can't use it to find fish but i can mark fishing spots and for marking channel entrances for getting back home if needed.
if someone radios me with a set of numbers( long. & lat.) i can punch them in and it'll take me right to the location on the water.really handy and cheaper than a l.owrance
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