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Name: Frank
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Hunt with experienced 1st. How?

Almost all mushroom site give the advice to Hunt with someone experienced the first few times.

Well, a new member opened my eyes to the fact that we don't tell them how to find that experienced hunter in the 1st place. And then when they ask, it seems to them that we are jumping all over them, when we tell them they just can't expect someone to offer right away. We don't mean it that way, but it seems to come across that way.

So I'm in a dilemma.
I need some good advice from some of you.
Not on where, how, trees and the like, but HOW to find a veteran willing to take a 1st time novice to the woods and help them learn first hand.

It's a Catch 22 thing. If they already knew an experienced hunter, they wouldn't be asking in here for someone to show them where and how.

So assuming that a person has never, ever hunted any kind of mushrooms at all, and was going to start with Morels.

What advice can we give them to find someone to hunt with their 1st time?
Please. No Jokes or sarcasm in this thread.
Serious replies only.
I just want some good ideas so that I can put something together for them.

Thanks Gang.
I know you'll come through for me.


Some of the best people are found right here. - You!

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