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Name: Paul
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Cooking Poly's

A woody friend Polyporus Squamosus. I like them. Play to its strength...a woody/musky chewie shroom. I found a bunch of fresh ones (2-5 inch) and carefuly cut out the "stem" (tough parts). Washed and paper towel dryed. Half I tossed in a couple of drops of liquid smoke and garlic oil pan frying till softned. Yummy Other half I soaked in Italian dressing and Montreal spice (garlic,red&green peppers, pepper,onion) in a ziplock for 20min. Wok tossed with fresh greenbeans (still crisp). Both turned out intresting...gave a lot of possible dinner ideas. Smoked poly's with sourcream in a pita maybe? Maybe add some fiddle heads in the greenbeans as a stand alone dish?
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Name: Edward
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Hi Paulee
I have found saddles galor this year.
Seems everywere I have gone Im about to step on a nice group of foot in diameter ones.
I threw mine out cause I couldnt find a good recipe, until I saw your post! Now, think Ill head out for some and give er a go!
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Name: Paul
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Hi Law! Do you dry shrooms? If so please try my newest weird dryad experiment and tell me what you think... prep the poly's (rinse,de-bug,scoop out tubes) cut into thin (egg noodle wide) strips and flavor...lil batches of salt and pepper flavor,one of teryaki, one hot pepper. Jerky saddle!! Yep I like to experiment and I think this one is a winner. I munched as is while hunting and re-hydrated and used in stirfry. Chewy and yummy. I have some left that I cut rice noodle thin and added to miso soup. Whatcha think? My ex-wife hated shrooms but my lil luvs can't wait to try Dads experiments and think this one might be a keeper...How about Law&Lees wild shroom jerky?
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Name: Frank
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Shroom Jerky. Wow! There is no end to imagination.
I too like the Pheasant backs, tho some folkd abhore them for some reason. (Probably don't realize you need fresh small young instead of the tough large ones).

But I'm going to have to think on the jerky thing a bit. LOL I bet some will say that they are already jerky. LOL

LawLee is a good brand name IMHO


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dryad saddle, mushroom recipe, pheasant backs, polyporus squamosus

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