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Name: Blake
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The BEST ramp(leek) salad...

If you like ramps... this is a must try... it's a family recipe for a wilted ramp salad (or may even be Appalachian for all i know) but it was gran'dads favorite.

1 nice bunch of ramps(leeks) a plastic grocery bag loosely full will feed a half dozen people or more
4-6 pieces of bacon (or more if you want more bacon)
Mixed salad green (dandelion greens, leaf lettuce, wild lettuce, etc.)

1/4 cup +/- reserved bacon fat from cooking
3/4 cup +/- Apple cider vinegar (organic, unpasteurized is best flavor)
1/4 cup +/- sugar (cane or white is fine)

in a large pot (you'll need a large pot to finish the salad at the end), cook bacon until desired doneness and set on paper towel to drain, then chop it up (crispy is good for this salad, though i prefer my bacon less done), and reserve about a quarter cup of the fat, if you have extra its good to save it in-case you need more. Separate bulbs from ramps and slice a few in half lengthwise or dice the crosswise into little rings if you like. Take whole leafy tops of ramps, including the stem to the bulb, and cut crosswise into thirds. put leafy greens and chopped bulbs in a bowl and set aside. Mix in salad greens with the ramp greens (about 2 parts ramp greens to 1 part salad mix, but you can do more salad mix if you prefer). Next, in the pot with the bacon fat, add sugar and apple cider vinegar, and whisk to make the bacon-apple cider vinaigrette. If it's too fatty, add more vinegar... if it's too vinegary, add more sugar. you're looking for a nice tart but sweet dressing. Then heat the dressing in the pot til its good and hot BUT NOT to a simmer/boil, and throw in the greens and toss in the hot dressing. you're looking to just wilt them a little bit, but retain the fresh texture, don't overdo it!. about 30-60 seconds or so tossing in the hot dressing will wilt things slightly but still give that fresh texture. once you have the salad done, remove from pot to a big serving plate/platter and top with the crumbled bacon!!! eat warm or cold, but we usually get at it when it's warm still.

this is a spring time tradition in my family, and i look forward to eating this just as much as picking morels... it really is a different dish! hope you enjoy!
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Mushroom Jack
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Name: Jack
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Re: The BEST ramp(leek) salad...

If you haven't yet, try a Pesto for a pasta too. Use just the leaves.

Tip of the " Mushroom Cap " to ya's !!!
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Name: Blake
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: The BEST ramp(leek) salad...

jack, that sounds amazing. i have been making pesto a lot lately, and love it with pasta! especially with a little cream and butter to make the pesto sauce :) didn't think about making a ramp leaf pesto...

do you still put garlic in it or do you use the ramp bulbs instead of garlic?
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