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Other Type Mushroom photo's Post only if your'e sure which mushroom it is.

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Name: Scott
Northern, Ohio USA
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Best spore print I could get

I finally got another mushroom that opened up enough that I wanted to try to spore print it before the slugs got it too! Here is what I ended up with. Is it worth anything?
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Name:	yard mushroom spore.jpg
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Name: Brad
Central, Michigan usa
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Re: Anyone know what these are?

Looks like a Green Spored Lepiota to me. DO NOT EAT!
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Name: Scott
Northern, Ohio USA
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Re: Anyone know what these are?

Thanks, Brad. That's what I was thinking.
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Mushroom Jack
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Name: Jack
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Re: Anyone know what these are?

Sorry about taking so long. I just found your message. That didn't give a very good spore print, but I do see green. I wouldn't take a chance. Try to get one from a little older one. Another way to tell if they are Leucoagaricus americanus or Chlorophyllum rachodes is scratch the stem and it will turn a light yellow then red. The gills will be white at first, then turn pinkish brown with age. Leucoagaricus americanus is now, what was Lepiota americana. And Chlorophyllum rachodes is what was Lepiota rachodes. Confusing, isn't it.

Tip of the " Mushroom Cap " to ya's !!!
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Name: Jeff
Southern, Michigan USA
Benton Harbor
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Re: Anyone know what these are?

I see that this mushroom appears in August, while Shaggy Parasols appear in September.

I also see that Green Spored Lepiotas are reported in Michigan, but not in Ohio. (This is info in the Audubon Guide, which may be outdated.)

Flipping through the book I see that some mushrooms that are fall mushrooms appear in May-Oct in the Great Lakes, like the Flat-topped Agaricus. I imagine periods of heavy rain encourage these to fruit. (June was one of the wettest on records this year.)
Normally our wet season is in the fall when the Lakes are warm and the air is cool and we get lake effect rain, which encourages fall mushrooms.
This summer has started out quite wet....the grass is so green right now in Berrien County. Usually by this time it is dried out and brown.

With the green spore print, I agree with others that this is the poisonous Green Spored Lepiota and not the choice edible, Shaggy Parasol, which looks quite similar.

Jeff O.
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