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Old Apr 20, 2008, 12:31 am   #11
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Name: Deborah
Northern, Indiana USA
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Wow, mike....guess I'll have to see if my daughter had any luck with it. Hopefully we can figure out what we are doing or not doing so we can mark good spots.
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Name: Brett
Southern, Michigan USA
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Paullee -

I own two Canon digital cameras. I use them differently depending on the situation, but I've found the Canon S45 perfect to carry with me in a belt holster and the quality of the pictures it takes is super!

I don't know that you can get them new any longer, but I'm sure you can find one on eBay I'm sure for a song. It's several years old now, but I've found it to be as good or better than the newer models.

I took these pictures ( with it yesterday.

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Old Apr 20, 2008, 1:01 am   #13
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Name: Paul
Central, Michigan USA
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Neat Brett! Thank you very much, my daughter is more Internet experienced than me and this will be a fun exploration for the two of us. This is exactly the info I was hoping for, We don't need the newest. Just a good day to day working one.
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Old Apr 20, 2008, 7:07 am   #14
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Name: Larry
Southern, Michigan usa
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I'm on my third garmin and my current unit is the 76csx. it has all functions plus altimeter which is cool if you want to know at what elev. you are picking/looking and is the best at getting and keeping satellite contact in heavy tree cover of all the garmins i've owned. Larry
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Old Apr 20, 2008, 9:59 am   #15
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Name: Brett
Southern, Michigan USA
Join Date: Apr 19, 2005
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From what everyone has said, it seems the biggest problem with the units you've owned has been reception.

The Garman eTrex Legend cx or Legend Hcx both have 12 channel high sensitivity receivers. There are two versions of the "cx" model on and they're $50 apart from each other. The only difference I see is model and in looking at Garman's website - They're the same unit. :)

Past the original purchase, It sounds like I'll be looking load TOPO maps before I'm up to speed.

Thanks to EVERYONE who has commented here. This is a purchase that I don't want to have to make again for years and the information you've all shared has been exactly what I was looking for!

What a great community we have... buch of shroom-heads all of us!

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Name: Ted
Northern, Illinois usa
Homer Glen, IL
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I have a Magellan Explore 210 I love it. It never loses a signal. I bought it on the internet from Amazon. It was under $200.00 and well worth it and a must thing to have. I can go any where in the woods and not worry about getting lost. Plus if you do find some you can alwayget back to check the spot again. If i go with someone we also take a set of cobra walkie talkies. That we we can keep in touch with out being next to each other.
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