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Name: Frank
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Re: Hunt with experienced 1st. How?

An excellent, well thought out and written post Vance.
Thank you.

Wish I could write that well.


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Name: Chris
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Re: Hunt with experienced 1st. How?

I think on just about any property you can find morels. I agree that if someone invited a good shroomer to there area and showed them the ropes it could be really rewarding. Like John said. Eventually it clicks and I know that the knowldedge others shared with me helped quite abit with a ton of different shrooms. This has been my best year ever for morels as well. I walked and walked all kinds of property and scouted well before the shrooming season started. It's helped and paid off TREMENDOUSLY!! However, without that knowledge I wouldn't have been able to have it click. I'm sure myself and others would be more than willing to help on neutral grounds. Not our honeyholes we worked for, but when you know what trees to look for it saves alot of time, and almost always comes up with success. I've been picking morels off of new spots and honeyholes everyday now. I truly believe knowing you're trees and in what conditions is the ticket.

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Name: Mike
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Re: Hunt with experienced 1st. How?

My best advice and which I always stand by if looking beyond the morel,find and identify the poisonous ones, this way you can walk by it an say, Amanita, nasty jack or something of that nature, and know not to pick it, I've just about finished the Tertiary Shrooms an extension of the post An Essay on Toxic Mushrooms, about 4 years in the writing,and will go into a deep analysis on why learning the poisonous ones at this stage is critical if not potentially fatal,mike

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joe pohl
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Name: Joe
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Talking Re: Hunt with experienced 1st. How?

For myself i have taken a few newbie's on there first hunt .. Where i live up here in manistee there is alot of national forest .. So i just look for new grounds and show them the ropes on trees and what to look for ..and i go to one of my spots and ask them to keep it to themselves ..where i know were going to find a few of the good and bad ones.. The few that have asked me to take them from this site we had a good time and hunts.... I just tell them they buy the gas and lunch.. And we can hunt all day ..i have made a few good friends that way.. And anyone that wants to message me if i w can work it out i will take you out ..just send me a message .. I don't mind at all . For i get to find some new spots myself this way .. So i am kinda offering my sevice to some newbies .. Pohlcat
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