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Raw Meat Diet

Hey everyone, I have another off the wall question for all you knowledgeable people who I look up to and trust. Well, a friend of mine breeds and sells pure breed German Sheps,well he feeds them a strict raw diet,no commercial dog food. Well he has been taking my deer scraps and small game scraps,and yesterday we picked up an injured dairy cow. The thought is that commercial dog food is pumped up with perservatives and additives like the artifical flavors,and that the dogs just arent getting what they should. Does anyone practice or believe in this idea of a raw diet? And is it really benificial to your dogs,versus commercial dog foods? What are your thoughts and opinions?
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Re: Raw Meat Diet

Thats all lions and tigers eat..they get pretty big...500 pounds. Carnivores and canines they can do well on raw meat but if you ask a vet theylle say fresh veggies/fruit ( except onions and now grapes/raisins) are really good for a dog too

On another note...Ive seen the people on that wife swap reality show. They sent some poor lady to stay with some freaks that eat moldy raw meat trying to boost their immune systems to fight off possible chemica/genetic l warfare...radical organics that were pretty out there.

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