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Name: andy
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Garden Plants In Moist Soil

Thinking about planting a garden. I live on a river and part of the yard is technically the flood plain of the river. Dark black, thick, organic soil that is very moist for most of the summer. Any tips on what types of plants that will grow well in this type of situation. Do I have to worry about plants rotting due to the high moisture. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Name: Mike
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You could grow, melons and pumpkins, on the edge of the moist ground, as both of them love moisture, or transport some of that rich ground and mix it into your garden soil, and watch stuff start to grow,mike

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Also, if you can keep the water at the bottom of the root structure, lettuce and any of the cole crops may very well enjoy the coolness of the soil this kind of terrain often offers. But, other than water lilies and the like, there are no plants that can survive with their roots submerged in water logged soil, for any length of time. Perhaps you could use raised beds?


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