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Red Shirt

Years ago during the days of the Wild West, a group of soldiers was camped in the hills. One night a scout came riding into camp with the news that a large army of enemies was gathering for an attack. The commander spoke to a private, "Bring me my red shirt." He put it on, they rode to battle and came back victorious.
The next night scouts came from two different directions with a similar warning. The commander said "Bring me my red shirt." They rode into battle and came back as victors.
That night, around the campfire, someone asked the commander the secret of the red shirt. He replied that it was worn so the troops would not be de-moralized if he was injured during battle. The red shirt would not allow them to know he was bleeding. This satisfied the questioner.
The next night, scouts came from all directions, reporting that they were completely surrounded by the enemy, with no escape routes. The commander spoke to the private, "Bring me my brown pants!"
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Re: Red Shirt

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