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Name: Brett
Southern, Michigan USA
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I'm starting to branch out from just morels into alot of other thing like Ramps (having an amazing spot a mile away from home), Hen of the Woods, wild sumac, etc. What should I look for as far as Fiddleheads and when does the season start
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Name: Blake
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Fiddleheads

When it comes to fiddle heads there is more than one species... The ostrich fern is the fiddle head you are looking for (matteucia struthiopteris) These are your edible fiddle heads, you can see last years growth stalk sticking a few inches up from the ground, usually brown/blackish looking. You will see young fresh green specimen growing in the new growth. you want to eat them when they are young and tightly curled. They will be best that way. Oh and the season for them is in the spring usually just before or right when the morels are coming up depending on the location. I find mine in the river bottoms typically but they grow all through the woods im sure, just depends on location im sure.

The other kind of fiddle head (not sure but the common name may be cinnamon fern) is easily distinguishable from the above species. It is much smaller is size, probably about half as thick, but most easily noticeable is that it has little white fuzzy hairs growing all over it... This is the kind that you do NOT want from what i've heard.

Hope this helps... im sure some others will chime in
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Name: Brett
Southern, Michigan USA
Join Date: Mar 16, 2012
Posts: 6

Re: Fiddleheads

Thanks for the info, very helpful and now I can go pre scout and look for last years stalks, thanks again
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fiddlehead fern

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