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Name: Dawn
Northern, Michigan USA
Antrim County
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Re: Question on foilage etc

Pin Oaks, we have some here on the property, but this property is not know to produce morels, it's mostly jack pines, with some hardwoods and white pines mixed in, wonder if I should take a walk out back just for kicks? Whatcha think? Oh, and we get tons I mean tons of blueberries in the front yard. I mean tons! lol

Good Luck to all!! C'ya out there!
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Name: Blake
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Question on foilage etc

im coming to your front yard then :)
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Old Apr 27, 2017, 10:57 am   #13
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Name: Jeff
Central, Michigan USA
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Re: Question on foilage etc

I have some that have doubled in size overnight. Loose loam soil with jack pine needles thick. South west side of the drip edges. Waiting for them to get bigger! Im going out Sat morning two days after the Thursday Rains:)

Ottawa Co
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Name: Scott
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Re: Question on foilage etc

It's worth a shot to look. I haven't looked a lot around pin Oaks up north - I haven't known where to find them as much as down here. Last year I found a spot in Roscommon county that was LOADED wiith them and didn't find any. But I didn't find much of anything anywhere last year.

Pin Oaks, I was told by a Michigan State Forester, grow in the poorer soils , which I have found To be true around here , much the same way as elms.. But when you find them in the right place - again, much like d as elms - they are very productive. I have a place in around Harrison that produces around black cherry, ash, and aspen. In that spot I have found some yellows around pin Oaks. So, it is ALWAYS worth a try. Hope you kill 'em!
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Name: Scott
Northern, Ohio USA
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Re: Question on foilage etc

Hey, Jon, I am gonna scour your area now I've GOT to find blacks so I can take you up on your marriage proposal!
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Name: jon
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Question on foilage etc

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