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Name: Tracey
Southern, Michigan USA
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Prayers For My Dear Friend

I know it's been at least 2 years since I have posted and since our Fall get-together. Do not think I do not think of you often. I have been in school full-time since then and have set my goals on higher learning, which doesn't leave much time for much of anything else anymore.
I know one thing for sure, that when I need prayers, my friends here will readily oblige.
My dear friend Gina, who accompanied me on our fall 2007 (I believe) picnic, was in a serious auto accident on Fathers Day in Livingston County. She is now paralyzed from the chest down. I just ask for prayers and possibly a miracle, that she get through this. She has been my dear friend for 24 years. I am so grateful that she is still with us, but my heart also breaks when I think of the challenges ahead for her. Her spirits are good right now, but heavy meds will do that. I know this girl inside and out and I know there will be times that she will need a loving slap to the face to get her to see the positives in her life. Your prayers will help her but it will also help me to find the strength to give her that slap when she needs it.
I was in complete shock when I received the call and the only words I could mutter is that, "I was glad she was ok" and "that I love her."
We had talked about a trip I planned on taking when I graduate the last time I spoke with her. I was trying to talk her out of her responsibilities so she could join me. We always had talks about running away from the craziness of everyday life and going on great adventures. Even if it was for a week or two. The reality is that we both know that real life consumes our dreams and makes it almost impossible to escape.
I cannot imagine the torture my dear friend will experience when the reality hits that she will not be able to escape.
Please pray for a miracle for Gina.
ps-I do not know how to set my messages here to go to my email, so if someone knows how to do that, please let me know. Thanks, Tracey
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Name: Judy
Central, Michigan USA
St. Johns
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Smile Re: Prayers For My Dear Friend

Tracey, so good to see you are still with us. So sorry for your friend, Gina. My prayers and support go out to you and her family and of course, Gina. When she is all mended you gals can still plan an escape. Way to go on your schooling. An escape when this ordeal is all under control could be what Gina needs to keep her spirits up. Nothing is impossible. Take care. Judy
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Name: Vance
Central, Michigan USA
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Re: Prayers For My Dear Friend

Prayers for Gina. Sad.

Tracey... look at the bar just above the messages at the top and for the tab that says "Thread Tools." Click on that and look for "Subscribe to thread." That should take care of the e-mail alerts for you.

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Name: Donna
Central, Michigan USA
Saginaw Co.
Join Date: Feb 9, 2003
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Re: Prayers For My Dear Friend

So sorry to hear of your frends condition.
I will be praying for her, am hoping and praying that this may be a time God sees fit to bless Gina with a miracle.

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Name: Jim
Central, Michigan USA
Midland Co.
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Re: Prayers For My Dear Friend

Prayers for you both. Good to hear from you. Good luck with your degree/s.


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Name: Debbie
Central, Michigan USA
Midland Co.
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Re: Prayers For My Dear Friend

Tracey it is good to hear from you, I miss our chats also.

I am so sorry to hear of Gina's accident, that is horrible. I pray that there will be a much better outcome for her than paralysis. That would be an incredibly hard burden to bear.

God has saved her for a reason though, now she (with her family/friends help) needs to discover what that is. I will remember her ansd her family in my thoughts and prayes.
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Name: tom
Southern, Ohio usa
Join Date: May 8, 2005
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Re: Prayers For My Dear Friend

thoughts and prayers on the way from down here.hope for the best.
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Name: Frank
Central, Michigan USA
Midland Co.
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Re: Prayers For My Dear Friend

I'm so very sorry to head of this tragedy Tracy. We will keep your friend, her family and you in our prayers.


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Name: Brandt
Southern, Michigan USA
Barry County
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Re: Prayers For My Dear Friend

Our thoughts and prayers are with Gina, and her family.


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Name: Deanna
Central, Michigan USA
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Re: Prayers For My Dear Friend

So sorry to hear about your prayers are with everyone involved!
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