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big amish
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A million ducks!

A guy walks into a bar and sets down to get a drink.
In front of him is an antique bottle.
After he is served, he asks the bartender what the bottle is for.
The bartender say's"It is a magic bottle, and if you rub it a genie will appear and grant you one wish.
Be careful though, the genie is very hard of hearing."
So the guy rubs the bottle, and the genie appears just as the bartender said.
The genie asks "what is your wish"?
The guy thinks for a few seconds and says "I want a million bucks".
The genie says "Your wish is granted".
Right then a puff of smoke filled the room, and when it cleared, there were a million ducks in the bar.
The guy said "Hey, that isn't what I wished for. I guess he is hard of hearing".
The bartender says "Yeah. You see that little guy in the corner playing the piano? That is my twelve inch pianist!"
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