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Name: Mike
Northern, Michigan usa
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John Paul 2

Let's say a prayer for the Pope, I know the Lord will welcome him with open arms.
John Paul is the closest we'll ever come to truly understanding what Jesus endured for all of Gods son's and Daughters, we should be saddened to lose such a saint but happy for him as he meets his maker....Amen
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Happy Trails
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Name: George
Southern, Michigan USA
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While I'm not a Roman Catholic, I share the fact that John Paul 2 was a very admirable disciple. He never wavered, stood firm in his beliefs. God Speed, John Paul.


Eat Dessert First, Life Is Short!
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Name: Deborah
Northern, Indiana USA
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{Soon all of the Popes sufferng will go away where joy awaits beyond today. Where darkness leads to light and all the dreary days he endured will soon grow bright.}

If we could see beyond today as God can see,
If all the clouds should roll away, The shadows flee;
Over present griefs we would not fret,
Each sorrow we would soon forget,
For many joys are waiting yet for you and me.....
Beyond Today.
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Name: Tracey
Southern, Michigan USA
Join Date: Feb 12, 2003
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Name: Mike
Southern, Michigan USA
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A man who repeated the words of God and his Holy Son,who taught unity amongst Christians, and saught peace with Islam and Judaism, a man who helped overthrow the wretched life under communism, a man who traveled to see the masses, and preach the word, I think his resume to Heaven is well written, God rest his soul and Christ welcome him with open arms,mike

I've been accused of the things, I've said
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Name: Debbie
Central, Michigan USA
Midland Co.
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He has lived and fulfullied an awesome life. Whenever I read of his background and the things he has been able to accomplish doing God's work, humbles me greatly. As was said, he has a fine resume to spend eternity at God's knee.


Happy Morel Dreams!
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Name: Frank
Central, Michigan USA
Midland Co.
Join Date: Feb 7, 2003
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I, like Happy Trails am not Catholic, but I pray God recieves Jon Paul with open arms, and that his rewards, for his time in service on earth, is many.

You don't have to be of my religion to be a man of God.
That mentality is just plain foolish and egotistical.

Jon Paul did a lot of good in God's name on this earth, and I applaud him for that.


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Princess Roon
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Name: Lisa
Central, Michigan USA
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He surely has a special place in Heaven with God. Amen.

I had a mushroom dream last night...and I could see just fine.

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