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Old Mar 3, 2008, 5:08 am   #1
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Name: Samuel
Central, N/A CH
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Don't they taste better when you dry them ?
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Name: Matt
Southern, Michigan USA
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3 bags left, one with blacks, one with greys and whites, and one with just a few big yellows. They're getting low. The usage slows down this time of year so you won't run out until your first find!
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Old Mar 9, 2008, 9:06 am   #3
Name: Debbie
Central, Michigan USA
Midland Co.
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We have a dehydrator to use now, but we have used window screening, and wooden clothes rack (with screen stretched on the 3 layers). If using the rack, I turn a box fan on low and blow toward the rack. Works very well. This year I hope we have a good enough season to have to employ 2 or 3 of the drying items at a time! lol


Happy Morel Dreams!
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Name: Matt
Southern, Michigan USA
Join Date: Apr 3, 2006
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Box fan-that's the best way I've found to dehydrate. I've tried a food dehydrator and an open oven on low, but my luck was the shrooms didn't re-constitute right, they had a tendancy to get too crispy when heat was employed. They probably have better dehydrators out there now-a-days.

The ol' box fan and window screen is sweet because you can do a bunch all at once, they de-hydrate PERFECTLY, they re-constitute almost like new and can last for at least 2 years (I haven't kept any past that--not enough discipline)
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Old Apr 1, 2008, 6:45 pm   #5
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Name: Larry
Southern, Michigan usa
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when drying only a few mushrooms I usually use a small food dehydrator with 5 trays. with bigger finds and nice weather I like to split my shrooms in 1/2 and place on a window screen. I found out the hard way that they taste best with a silver colored fiberglass mesh, the darker mesh seems to get to hot and the aluminum mesh imparts a "metallic" taste. Larry
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Name: Brad
Central, Michigan usa
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I also use a dehydrater. But It has 6 layers of racks, and I always leave the one closest to the heat source empty. It lifts the rest away from direct heat.

Also helps to use your dehydrater near a draft. Such as near a open window, or outside. This helps from Drying too fast.

Hope it helps.------Brad
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drying, drying mushrooms, preserving

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