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Name: Donna
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Saginaw Co.
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Re: Grandma Beulah (99) today!

Thank you all for the BD wishes you all sent for Mom (Grandma Beulah) it means a lot to her.
Lord willing, we will be having her 100th next year, I would love to have her meet some of you. again I thank you, and Mom thanks you.

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Name: Carla
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Re: Grandma Beulah (99) today!

Grandma Beulah

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Name: Frank
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Re: Grandma Beulah (99) today!

Thank you all for your birthday wishes to Mom.
She really like them and feels almost like she knows some of you folks. She's heard my sister (GammaDee), my brother (Bikerdude) my nieces, (Deanna & dannismommi ) an Deb & myself talk about the board members and what they've said about this or that.

So she really does appreciate your thoughts and prayers. She also prays for those who have posted in the Prayer Request froum.

We had a birthday party for her on Saturday and had a wonderful time with her and the family all gathered together. Kids running around playing. So many people in that little house we had to eat in shifts. LOL

Dee, you did a great job and we didn't mind one bit!

They also pulled a sneak on me, and I never tumbled until they sang Happy birthday for the 2nd time. I wondered whay they were singing it. "Again"??!!
So... I sang along too until the part when I was the only one singing Happy Birthday to Mom. All the rest were singing happy birthday to Frank!
Even my mother was in on the surprise. LOL Sneaky ole woman anyway.


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Name: Tammy
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Twin Lake
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Re: Grandma Beulah (99) today!

Sorry I got to this late, but I'm so glad to hear that you had a wonderful day, Grandma B! Hope you have a blessed year, and we're all looking forward to helping you celebrate your 100th!

Happy Belated!

Tammy and Jeff
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