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Old Mar 31, 2010, 4:19 am   #1
Name: Frank
Central, Michigan USA
Midland Co.
Join Date: Feb 7, 2003
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Grandma Beulah

I would like to ask for prayers for my mother (some of you know her as Grandma Beulah, on the message board).

She has to go into a nursing home this coming Monday, April 5th.
Not by anyones choice, but just circumstances beyond our control or means.

As most of you know, Mom (and we with her) celebrated her 100th birthday this past January.
She is in amazingly good health for 100. Yes, she is almost completely blind and other problems as well, but she still get around on her own pretty well. Her mind and memory is better then most of us, although her short term memory is now going south on her.

My sister Donna (GammaDee) has provided a home for Mom the past few years and cared for her needs.
Now Donna faces a double knee replacement, rather than one at a time. So her recovery will be much, much longer than normal for a one knee replacement. Plus Donna has also been diagnosed with diabetes and fibromyalgia.

There is no way she can continue to care for Mom's needs beyond this time, and us other kids do not have the space nor means to have her live with us as we want to do.

This is hard on all us kids, but it is the hardest on Donna and Mom.
I think Donna most of all.
Mom has always accepted 'God's will' with less question than most of us do.

So while I ask for prayers for all of our family at this time,
I ask especially, that you pray extra, for Donna and Mom's peace of mind and heart.

Thank you all so very much for listening, caring and praying,
______________________________ __
...and Donna? You are as wonderful as Mom is, in your own life.
I love you Sis. God bless you.
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Name: Vance
Central, Michigan USA
Join Date: Sep 7, 2007
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Re: Grandma Beulah

Will do Frank. Prayers for everyone.

The best lessons are those learned before you wish you had known better, especially when thinking edible mushrooms.
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Old Mar 31, 2010, 6:45 am   #3
Name: Debbie
Central, Michigan USA
Midland Co.
Join Date: Feb 7, 2003
Posts: 2,276

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Re: Grandma Beulah

I know God has the path chosen for Mom to travel, it just doesn't make it any easier on us. I know Mom will find the silver lining in any storm and I pray for that in this also. It will be good for her to be able to meet many of the people that she has sent cards to over the years.

Donna we are all grateful to you for taking Ma into your home and making the sacrifices I feel you must have made in doing so. I am saying prayers for both of you to sooth your hearts and souls. I also am saying some for us that can't help at this time.

We love you both very much, you have become the sister God didn't grant in my blood family Donna. And Ma is my Mom as well.

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Old Mar 31, 2010, 11:07 am   #4
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Name: tom
Southern, Ohio usa
Join Date: May 8, 2005
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Re: Grandma Beulah

prayers are on the way for all involved.i bet grandma beulah will do quite well with those folks there.
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Name: Tammy
Northern, Michigan USA
Twin Lake
Join Date: Feb 8, 2003
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Re: Grandma Beulah

Grandma Beulah has been, and always will be, the original Prayer Warrior here on our little piece of the internet. Many times she's been noted to have her own 'private line' to our Creator.

Grandma Beulah, my best wishes in your new adventure. God is opening yet another door...imagine the new friends you'll make! Scarey, yes, but also exciting, eh?

Frank and Debbie, with this site, you have introduced many of us to your 'real' family, and they quickly became our family, too, just like you two have. Thank you for that...

Donna, you must know how much your family appreciates you and the care you have given to the matriarch of such a wonderful group of people...Deanna, and of course the biker brother... :)

Jeff and I hold a special spot in our hearts for all of you, and will keep you all in our prayers during this transition, and Donna's surgery and recovery.

God bless you all...

Blessed beyond measure!
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Old Mar 31, 2010, 7:48 pm   #6
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Name: Judy
Central, Michigan USA
St. Johns
Join Date: Feb 8, 2003
Posts: 594

Smile Re: Grandma Beulah

I too send my best wishes and prayers for Donna and Gma Beulah. I'll bet Gma finds lots of friends in her new abode. Best of luck Donna. I have to say that women are the ones who seem to go for the double knee replacements and not any men that I know. Must be the stronger folks!LOL Wishing you a speedy recovery Donna. The very best to you all.
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Old Apr 1, 2010, 10:57 pm   #7
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Name: Sharon
Southern, Michigan usa
Join Date: Apr 23, 2006
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Re: Grandma Beulah

My prayers also for all those involved.
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shrooming girl
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Name: earlean
Southern, Michigan USA
Join Date: Mar 30, 2010
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Re: Grandma Beulah

My prayers and thoughts are with you today on this most difficult day. I pray that you all find some peace soon.
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Name: Brandt
Southern, Michigan USA
Barry County
Join Date: May 13, 2006
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Re: Grandma Beulah

Prayers from Brenda and I on the way.


Just when you think you aren't going to find any morels, something pushes you to climb that next hill. And once you get over that hill, guess what you find? That's right. NOTHING!
-Me explaining to my in-laws about morel hunting
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Name: Steve
Northern, Michigan USA
Join Date: Apr 6, 2010
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Icon16 Re: Grandma Beulah

We will put her on our prayer list.
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