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Name: Nancy
Southern, Michigan USA
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After Morel season...

I'm planning on sticking around after Morel season, my children are now old enough to withstand long walks in the woods. Hopefully enough of the experienced mycologists will help me out with what to look for when. We find oodles of shrooms that we toss because I can't make a 100% ID. I'm a firm believer in spore prints and a yes on EVERY id point in my field guides.

So, does anyone know of a field guide that references seasons, as well as the scientific basis? I'd love to build a DVD from my field guides that is searchable based on criteria such as season, color, spore print, clasification, etc. Each seach would require at least 4 id factors or it would turn zero results. But, don't know if there would be any interest if I tried to sell it for cost (my time included). I don't want to create "fungi for dummies" but rather a searchable database that allows you to check for an unknown factor.

Any ideas?

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Name: Char
Central, Michigan USA
Grand Blanc
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Hi Nancy,
If you are looking for a great scientific book, get "Morels" by Michael Kuo, University of Michigan press. I just got a copy from Amazon. com. It has photos of a morel's DNA, and goes into detail about how they reproduce. It is 200 pages long, and makes for some great reading. Enjoy!!
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Name: Mike
Southern, Michigan USA
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We can help ya out here, with most identification, but there is a list of books here also, that are highly recommended, I think it is in the Helpful bag of Stuff, if I'm wrong someone correct me here,mike

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