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Name: Brandt
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Re: Fall Morel Season

As Grey's said, it is practically improbable that you will find Morels in the fall. HOWEVER...There are lot's and lot's of fall mushrooms that in my opinion are better tasting than the morels! A couple varieties are very easily distinguishable, and therefore relatively safe to harvest and consume. I say relatively safe because you should never consume any mushroom unless you are 110% certain of it's identity. Search around on this site for "Hen of the Woods" or "Grifola Frondosa"
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Name: Jim
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Re: Fall Morel Season

My favorite mushroom of all is the fall fruiting Armellaria Mellea, otherwise known as the Honey mushroom because of it's color. I like both the taste and the texture of honeys. They are easy to can and keep well. I add them to soups, stews, and gravy all winter long.
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