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Name: Karen
Central, Michigan USA
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soil conditions for blacks

Has anyone ever found blacks in soil with a heavy clay component? My husband thinks black are particular to a soil with a loam and sand mixture. And - has anyone ever found or heard of anyone who has found blacks in Ingham Co? I haven't. Hubby says that it's because, in general, the soil in Ingham County is very heavy with a lot of clay (hubby thinks he knows everything) But, since gas is soooooo expensive I hate having to travel to hunt and would like to hunt closer to home.
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Name: Paul
Central, Michigan USA
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yes Kamp I have found morels in Ingham co. Iv'e found some in Lansing city limits, soil was sandy. Iv'e found some in Dansville state game area, soil was loamy. I have found some along the RR tracks in Haslett, soil was rock Its a big county and yup there are some, few and far between but some. All where found by dying elms, one batch under BTA with elm nearby. Hubby's explanation has some truth to it, best "nearby" hunting for me is towards Ionia. Hope that helps. Good luck to you guys.
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Name: Karen
Central, Michigan USA
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Thanks all! I've found a few morels in Ingham County too - but no blacks - just whites. I found exactly one under an old apple tree in Rose Lake Game Area (actually - that might be Shiawasee County), about 20 or so near some freshly cut trees on MSU and I know that about 100 were picked in a neighborhood in East Lansing off of Abbot for 2 years after a pine tree was cut down. Beside that - nilch, zip, nada.
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Name: larry
Southern, Michigan barry
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I hate to sound stupid but I have seen BTA a couple times in the forms. What are BTA's?
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