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Old Mar 27, 2012, 9:17 am   #1
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Name: Char
Central, Michigan USA
Grand Blanc
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Morels and oak trees

Has anyone had any luck in finding morels in stands of oak trees? We are surrounded by what would seem to be a perfect woods, but it is all oak trees. I have never found even one. I recall someone saying that oak leaves are too acidic for morels. Any thoughts? Thanks!!
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Mushroom Jack
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Name: Jack
Northern, Michigan USA
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Re: Morels and oak trees

I wish I knew the name of the oak, it has a real smooth type of bark, compared to other oak trees. It also is a very large diameter . I know this is a bad description of it, anyways towards the end of the Whites I used to find M. crassipes around them in Lapeer State Game Area !

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Name: Ed
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Morels and oak trees

Not really.

Sometimes I find half-frees in predominenty oak stands. But rarely blacks or yellow morels.

Having said have awesome chantrelle, maitake and blewit (and many other edibles) woods. Just wait til summer and fall.

Old, big oaks move slowly. But when they are in full feather and full bloom, they are tremendous producers of mushrooms and fungi!

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Old Mar 27, 2012, 11:08 am   #4
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Name: Steven
Northern, Michigan U.S.A.
Maple City-Eastlake
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Re: Morels and oak trees

Hi Ed....Nice to see ya on the board again !

Never find Morels to close to oak stands, but there many other that fruit there. Like the one's Ed has mentioned. If there stumps look in the Fall for stumpers around them. But with any mushroom please make sure it is edible before consuming.

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Old Mar 27, 2012, 1:37 pm   #5
Name: jon
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Morels and oak trees

I'll be keeping an eye out on a big oak my girlfriends dad has found a bunch around before. I checked the area out and it's the only tree in close proximity to where he picked them. Mid-Michigan area.
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Name: Scott
Northern, Ohio USA
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Re: Morels and oak trees

I believe the oak that Jack is speaking of is the Red oak. I don't find morels around live oaks but I do check out dead red oaks. There have been times that I have found large bunches around the dead red oak. It is not as productive as other trees, but always worth checking out!
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Old Mar 28, 2012, 11:47 am   #7
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Name: Ranger
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Morels and oak trees

What I have noticed over the years is that every season is different. Some seasons I find them in the strangest places such as in West Branch where I lived for a while......I found mushrooms in a thick woods with no undergrowth right under a bunch of Maples and Oaks with just a few Poplars mixed in but I found most of them under the Maples and Oaks. The trees were pretty thick in there. Some years I find most of my morels (yellows) under pine trees, and some years I find them just about anywhere. What people are saying is that the bread and butter is usually by ash, elm and Poplar(up north) but they can be found just abotu anywhere and in some places that do surprize even the most seasoned hunters.

Last year I only found a handful of morels in my normal spots by the fruit trees but found them in pine tree groves abundantly.

Evil is the presence of neophytes who learn through osmosis.
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Old Mar 28, 2012, 11:59 am   #8
B outdoors
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Name: bill
Central, Michigan USA
Join Date: Mar 30, 2010
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Re: Morels and oak trees

I am a rookie hunter going on 4 years now.. I also have Never found them in stands of oaks. However I have found them around a single oak tree in an area this has produced, but there was plenty of underbrush around the oak tree itself. Not much help I know.
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