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Name: Frank
Central, Michigan USA
Midland Co.
Join Date: Feb 7, 2003
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Happy B-day BikerDude

'Lil Bro Jimbo!

Thought you could slide it past us by not making your birthday public eh? Just for that, you get no this year.

Plus you have to sit through the singing of Bob, Donna, Debbie and myself. In the off key of Bob, of course. LOL



Some of the best people are found right here. - You!

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Name: Vance
Central, Michigan USA
Join Date: Sep 7, 2007
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Re: Happy B-day BikerDude

Happy Birthday Jim! You've still got some time to get in a great birthday ride. Colors up here in N. MI. will be peaking probably in about 2 - 3 weeks... You can see the trees warming up already!

The best lessons are those learned before you wish you had known better, especially when thinking edible mushrooms.
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Name: tom
Southern, Ohio usa
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Re: Happy B-day BikerDude

happy birthday jim.have a good sure would be nice to be 58 again.
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Old Sep 23, 2010, 9:24 am   #4
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Name: Jim
Central, Michigan USA
Midland Co.
Join Date: Feb 10, 2003
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Re: Happy B-day BikerDude

Thanks everyone

I had a good birthday.
Yes Tom, I'd rather be 58 than be as old as Frank!! LOL

I am certified "old fart" though. we went to eat at one of our favorite places, & the new (very young) cashier gave me a senior discount on top of the senior-priced early-bird special! I must have looked VERY old to her. (or maybe it was my wife)


Looking forward to good things,


Be Yourself. (Everyone else is taken!)
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