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Name: Rusty
Southern, Michigan USA
Cass County
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A strange, in a good way, season

I have seriously hunted morels for about 15 years now, and this has been the most incredible season I've seen yet. They seem to be everywhere I look, and even in places I normally overlook. At least in my area, it seems the moisture and temperatures have been optimal so far.

Last night in 10 minutes I harvested 20 blacks and 17 greys/yellows from my yard/field. And there were probably that many that I left for later. Many were under tulip trees, some under cherry, white pine and even catalpa trees. Some are growing on open ground at least 50' from the nearest tree. I even found a couple of greys coming up in the middle of my gravel drive! It's crazy. I haven't even looked in some of my better spots yet as I haven't really needed to.

Get out there while they're still around.
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Name: jon
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: A strange, in a good way, season

Cool! I hope it goes the same for me! LOL
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Name: Jeff
Southern, Michigan USA
Benton Harbor
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Re: A strange, in a good way, season

I've looked around my property, but haven't found any. The last time I found any on my property was back in 2003.
I did find 10 half-frees, small and fresh, and 10 decent, fresh blacks in Van Buren Co. today.
Tomorrow or Friday, I'll look around in Berrien Co. some more.

Jeff O.
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