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Name: Brian
Southern, Michigan USA
Grand Rapids
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Forest Density

Hello All,

This year i've been trying to get out into the woods more and explore more State Parks/National Forest. I've covered a lot more ground this year but it's brought up a couple questions that I hadn't thought of previously.

Has anyone found that super dense areas of forest are less productive? This is the first year that I've really come across this type of terrain and it hasn't been productive for me. Tonight I was out and found myself in a dense area that was also pretty close to overrun with black raspberries. I know they prefer acidic soil (and tearing up my jeans), which isn't preferable, but wasn't sure if general density was a factor people considered.

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Name: James
Central, Florida USA
Safety Harbor
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Re: Forest Density

I've hunted many National forests and find that the deeper you go the less productive. It can get too dense for sunlight. Usually find them at the edges and along the roads with lots of sun. Of course, you are always driven by the dream of finding that mother lode nobody has discovered deep inside. I finally found that this year on a mountain top in Virginia. Picked a morel every 40 seconds for 4.5 hours straight!
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Name: Brian
Southern, Michigan USA
Grand Rapids
Join Date: Apr 2, 2018
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Re: Forest Density

Thanks for the note! That definitely makes sense to me......and I can say that while trudging deeper, finding the untouched mother lode is definitely top of mind haha
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Name: Blake
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Forest Density

it's all about being there on the right day at the right time. 2-3 days can make a big difference in growth if the conditions are perfect. You don't have to be deep in to find the motherload... just gotta find it before someone else does :)

I would tend to agree that dense forest growth can impede spore dispersal. I often find my best finds on the edges of the forest or roads. spores have a wind pathway to be carried in, and then when they settle off to the sides where the wind current meets resistance, they land and germinate. I'm sure there are some great deep woods spots that no one ever finds. But man right off the trails can be productive (and people don't even start looking until they get in the woods I find... found a lot of obvious large shrooms within 10 feet of the trail on either side).
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Name: jon
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Forest Density

I back up what Blake and Brian say. Never go to deep unless you find that filtered light. Just gotta beat someone else. LOL I've only had a couple mother lodes and it's because I beat everyone else. 20-30 pounds in a day. They were growing in the 2 tracks. LOL
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