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Old May 5, 2016, 10:37 am   #11
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Name: Blake
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Awful lot of Lurkers...

yeah because you know where i live and how much time i spend on the computer. they aren't up by me yet. i've been out and checked, thanks. my red maple in my yard hasn't even leafed out yet. no point in trampling little ones in the woods that aren't ready. lilacs don't even have flower buds yet.

you claim 30 pounds... you post one picture. anyone can find as many as you have in the picture. you say you have more evidence of the 30# you say you found so lets see some more. you have a 28 more lbs worth of shrooms to show us if that's 2lbs in those PLASTIC bags. just saying
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Old May 6, 2016, 8:17 pm   #12
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Name: Jeff
Southern, Michigan USA
Benton Harbor
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Re: Awful lot of Lurkers...

Lilacs are just coming out in Berrien County. The Blacks are just about done, perhaps we'll have another flush of them in areas near Lake Michigan where the cooler weather delays the season.
Yellows are at their prime right now in SW MI.

Jeff O.
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Old May 8, 2016, 4:51 am   #13
Name: Frank
Central, Michigan USA
Midland Co.
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Re: Awful lot of Lurkers...

Believe or not believe. It always a personal choice.

But I've learned over the years, that sometime unbelivable can happen in very poor years. It's called being lucky, or smart enough, to find, or know, of that certain location.

I used to always question the many pounds hauls reported, when I first started hunting. But then a couple of years were good to me, and I quit counting, and started weighing. LOL


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Old May 8, 2016, 9:07 am   #14
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Name: Blake
Southern, Michigan USA
Join Date: Mar 11, 2012
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Re: Awful lot of Lurkers...

yeah frank i know that the monster finds are out there. I'm not doubting that someone CAN find 30# of shrooms in a few days. it's just more about the region hunted, and the timing of the season to find that many shrooms. that was why i was so rude i guess you could say. but i'm just a non believer for this one claim in particular. it's the first time i've ever said I DON'T BELIEVE YOU to someone on the forum lol. not trying to be a pain, just trying to sort the truth because people like myself use this site as a tool to gauge the season and help people out. I'm stilling waiting on the other 28# of pictures..... :whist le:
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Old May 8, 2016, 10:10 am   #15
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Name: Branden
Northern, Ohio USA
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Re: Awful lot of Lurkers...

Lurk away folks, not to much info is ever gathered from that. But I for one am like the dosequis beer guy I don't always tell people where I mushroom hunt, but when I do its a lie.!! Lmao believe it or not back in 2009 I hunted the northeast upper lower with my dad and brother in law and father in law , in two days we found well over 30 pounds of shrooms greys,whites,and yellows all out of a 15 acre parcel which had 3 valleys that were all packed with whites and greys,. Not sure if that year was considered a banner year but we did fill up 4 hamper sized mesh sacks full of shrooms, and 2 48 quart coolers also covered another 50 acres and found about 50 shrooms so to me time isn't as important as the place.
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Old May 8, 2016, 11:41 am   #16
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Name: Mike
Southern, Michigan USA
S.W. Michigan
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Re: Awful lot of Lurkers...

I'm usually a lurker. Guess I should have posted picture of the 2 (2 shrooms, not pounds or bags full) that I found yesterday in Benzie county --- but we ate them this morning in scrambled eggs with asparagus.
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Old May 9, 2016, 1:11 pm   #17
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Name: Craig
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Awful lot of Lurkers...

So far I've only found 16 blacks, in Kalkaska County in late April, but I haven't hunted much. That is going to change soon. Last year we took about 10lbs off of one hill. Those kind of magic spots where every time you crouch you see another are just a blast, if a bit hard on your back!
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