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Name: Dirk
Northern, Michigan USA
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Any advice on preserving morels?

I found some and tried to dry them, and put them away for special occasions. I think that I ruined my first beautiful morels of the year. They look black and gross, like something that you really don't want to eat. Any advice on drying them would be greatly appreciated.
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Name: Shawn
Central, Michigan USA
West Michigan
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Re: Any advice on preserving morels?

Ouch!! I dry them on a regular window screen with a fan blowing on it so air circulates under, over, and between the shrooms. Spread the shrooms out in one layer so there's a little space between them. I dry them out in in my workshop where I can run a little electric heater in front of the fan to help take the moisture out of the air. G'luck!
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Name: Jeremiah
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Any advice on preserving morels?

dry most moisture out roll in flour put on a cookie sheet seperated from eachother and freeze untill you get little morel cicles. Put em in a freezer bag after they are good and frozen and whenever you want em throm em right in the pan. I have found that if you roll in flour again right before you cook them they seem to cook a little better. Good luck experiment a little but that is the best way I have found for a freezing method
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Name: Rich
Central, Michigan USA
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Re: Any advice on preserving morels?

A simple food dehydrator has always been the best for us. Just spread the morels out on the screened shelves and turn it on. We then store the dried morels in ziplock bags. To bring 'em back to life, rehydrate in a bowl of water, pat the extra water off with a paper towel when they've absorbed enough moisture, and enjoy! We've never lost a single mushroom this way.
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Name: rat
Central, Michigan USA
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Re: Any advice on preserving morels?

pesspess 210: sounds a lot like our first batches last year when we were using a dehydrator we weren't used to & dried them a little too quickly; turned out very dark with a strong smell. However, we found that they tasted just fine!

If you are using a dehydrator, maybe try a lower setting or see if there is a vent that can be opened to increase ventilation?

good luck to you!
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joe pohl
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Name: Joe
Northern, Michigan usa
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Re: Any advice on preserving morels?

I can them its the best they are so good and fresh ask me the canning recipe and i'll pos it pohlcat
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Name: victor
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Any advice on preserving morels?

I sew mine LOL I string them on a needle and thread across a room. I leave a lil space between each one so they dry evenly. When completely dry i put them in clean mason half pint jars. To seal i dip the jar in hot water for a few seconds. then store in the back of the least used cupboard. I also put 2 beef bullion cubes in the jar with them. To use when rehydrateing.They do give off a strong odor as they dry to me it's kinda like bacon grease. you can continue to string them as you find them just add to the thread. When the hunting is good i eat half and dry half picking the most naturaly dried ones for the string.

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Name: Frank
Central, Michigan USA
Midland Co.
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Re: Any advice on preserving morels?

Dirk, they do look VERY different after drying. To me they look beautiful to others they look nasty. All in the eye of the beholder I guess.

Anyway here is some reading on drying mushrooms.


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Name: Gary
Northern, Michigan USA
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Re: Any advice on preserving morels?

I dehydrate mine...starting at 95* for several hours to get most of the moisture out then turn the temp up to 110* until great and they are as dry as tater chips..
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Name: Scot
Central, Michigan USA
Grand Rapids
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Re: Any advice on preserving morels?

I myself preserve my shrooms by preparing them......but unless you have a food saver I would suggest a different way!! I coat them with dry drakes batter mix,cook them (not completely) then put them on newspaper or papertowel until cool. After they have cooled I place a serving portion (for 2) into a bag and vacuum seal them. (Don't be alarmed the vacuum doesn't break them) Then freeze til ready to use!!! When you want to serve pull from freezer and let thaw, place on cookie sheet and place under broiler til they start to separate (when they come out of the bag they will be formed into a block,the heat warms the butter and they separate) spread out on cookie sheet,place back under broiler (keep a close eye on them as not to burn or over cook) until sizziling then serve!!
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drying, drying mushrooms

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