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Name: Doug
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Respect for Nature

I have been an avid Morel hunter since I was 5 years old. I am now almost 50. I hate to see it when people root like pigs for morels by turning up every leaf and scraping the ground.
If they are not sticking up it doesn't hurt to turn up a leaf or two but don't destroy the whole area by plowing it.
I have had years that we have found 2 bushel baskets full but I have never destroyed nature in doing so. Please be considerate of fellow shroomers and leave the area like you found it. It is always nice to see untouched ground but a picked stem where someone has been and had luck.

Good luck hunting but preserve the area for which you are in.
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Name: Gary
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Re: Respect for Nature

Your kidding...right?...A lot of people that hunt mushrooms have no further intrest in the woods or the outdoors as far as that goes.Picking morels by any means is all they care about and distroying the organisum,littering and acting a fool in general just does'nt bother them....Sad but more and more of it goes on every year.....Slob hunters in my opinion...
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