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big amish
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Name: jeff
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Man KO's Black Bears

From WNDU:

A 21-year-old Walloon Lake bow hunter who fended off an attack by multiple black bears while trapped in a tree stand in northern Lower Michigan is disputing the state's version of his story.

Chad Fortune tells The Detroit Free Press he punched, kicked and screamed at two of four "full-grown" bears that made separate attempts Saturday evening to climb into the stand about 15 feet off the ground in Emmett County's Bear Creek Township.

Fortune was rescued about two hours later, and needed 40 stitches for a gash in his leg.

Department of Natural Resources and Environment officials said Fortune was attacked by a sow bear after two of her young cubs unsuccessfully tried to climb into the stand. Officials suggested the attack may have been caused by the smell of fried food on Fortune's clothing.
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Name: Frank
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Re: Man KO's Black Bears

I can see how either of those two opinions could be true.

Remember when you were 21? Probably very excitable. Most of us were anyway. So if you see 2 to 3 bears, and some of them are climbing your tree, you would tend to get a little excited and a whole lot scared.

You scream, yell and kick and one, or both, goes down and another 2 comes up. 2 + 2 = 4 right? Your attention was probably in the range of, there were 2 bears, before and now their are two more! It could have been that one of the cubs ran back up the tree and then the sow went up to protect.

When you are in a life and death situation like that, It's damn hard to count attackers. Your mind only see threats. Yes, you will remember small details like the color of the nails, or the look in the eyes, and I'm sure the size of the mouth, but other details will be lost in the confusion. Just ask a cop about reliability of eye witnesses to violent crimes. 3 witnesses may give you three different accounts and descriptions.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying our wonderful DNR people are always right, but in this case they very well could be.

Any way you look at it, I'm glad it wasn't ME in that tree, cause then it might've been 10 bears. LOL


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Name: Gary
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Re: Man KO's Black Bears

Been about 4 different stories about this attack....wonder which one is the right one?
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Name: Craig
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Re: Man KO's Black Bears

DNRE corruptocrats have "special" rules in place so that you are not allowed to open carry a sidearm while "hunting", though open carry is legal in Michigan. Mr. Fortune is pursuing a concealed weapons permit so he can carry a hand gun when bow hunting in the future.

But think about that... the DNRE thinks their dumb rules outweigh state law and the US Constitution, of which the 2A is my concealed weapons permit... Your safety sure isn't their concern - they're more worried about the bears, and controlling YOU.
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Name: Craig
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Re: Man KO's Black Bears

I used to think it was crazy when I heard about people carrying sidearms while morel hunting in the Pacific Northwest, 20 years ago. I don't think it's crazy any longer. And while I doubt anyone is going to rob you of your morels in Michigan, there are now coyotes, wolves, cougars, and a growing population of bears to contend with, not to mention the crazy people.
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Farmal M Puller
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Name: Ron
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Re: Man KO's Black Bears

The thing that got my attention, being an avid bow hunter, was and maybe he did smell like fried food but most bow hunters even beginers know that scent is a major factor in bow hunting. The second I would have used all of my arrows up before I started sacraficing my limbs. Id rather pay a fine and loose hunting privalages. A dead bear is much better than a dead hunter.

If you continue to do what you have always done you will continue to get what you have always gotten. Semper Fi
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Name: Craig
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Re: Man KO's Black Bears

OK, but the hunter refudiated that story, saying he had changed into his hunting clothes and did not have food on him. The DNRE apparently made that up, and went to press with it... it seems to me a white lie, based on something Fortune did earlier in the day.

The DNRE has proven over past five hunting seasons that it doesn't care at all about hunters, except for revenue. Why did the NRC/DNRE not sue to keep the HSUS sponsored "Dove Hunting" proposal off the 2006 ballot, where it should never have been? Michigan already had a dove hunt....
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