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big amish
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Name: jeff
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Find 100% more morels next year

Very interesting, but I have a couple issues with the method. It makes a lot of sense when hunting a new area, but variations need to be made for:
1. Your familiarity with the area. I'm not going to stop and look for 6 minutes if I know the trees in that area are not right. (I'm not going to waste time in the Oaks when I know the Elms are ahead). Also if you have established a pattern, such as you are finding them on hilltops, don't spend a bunch of time in the valley before you get to the next hill.
2. Ground cover. If you are in deep thick woods, it may take 6 minutes or more to scan a small area, but there are many morel habitats that just don't have much cover, especially early in the season.
3. Bugs. I have been on hunts where if you stand still for 6 minutes, the biting flies would pick you clean; skeeters too.
4. Hunting pressure. If you are hunting public ground on a Monday, and the front of the woods looks like a herd of cattle came trampling through over the weekend, don't waste your time there. Go deeper in the woods where they were too lazy to go and your chances of finding them improve.
5. Sun Angle. I do my best hunting when the sun is up enough to see well, but not straight up in the sky. When I do an all day hunt, I take a long lunch break because at high noon they are hard to spot. I also try to hunt with the sun at my back to improve visibility. I'll walk a little further to approach an area from the correct angle to improve my chances of seeing them.
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Name: Gary
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Re: Find 100% more morels next year

I agree Big.If morels are so hard to spot,why do people find so many?
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Name: Mike
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Re: Find 100% more morels next year

I also agree, I've found some of my best strikes out of the corners of my eyes, I mean think of it, how yellows and greys stick out like a sore thumb in the brownish-grey leaf litter, then throw in some green back drop from the forest floor growth, pretty simple in my book,mike

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Name: Frank
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Re: Find 100% more morels next year

I agree with all of you as well.

After watching that video all I could think of is that I sure would like to see this guy hunt with Bob and ole "Swoop and Scoop" himself, Ken.

Those two brothers scoot through the woods at an alarming rate of speed and they will get twice or more mushrooms than I will from the same spot. I know this for a fact. Been there, done that and they win hands down. LOL

That said, I am slower than molasses in January when hunting. (Bob called it my mushroom crouch). Ken, he said; If you think Debbie is slow you should hunt with Frank. When he gets into his mushroom crouch you have to drive a stake in the ground in order to see if he's moved in the last 10 minutes!

I Try NOT to look at one spot for a long time. Rather I scan with my eyes and only when I think I've spotted something do I look directly at it. But I almost always see that 1st glimpse of them while scanning and not directly looking.


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Name: Dave
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Re: Find 100% more morels next year

Well, all I can say is that I hope that all the competition sees this and starts hunting this way so I can walk past them and find all the mushrooms. There is science and then there's weird science. Isn't it science to learn how to identify habitat?

For blacks I am a walk and scan hunter - I usually find the first of a patch from the corner of my eye. But of course I slow down and circle once I find some. Do I walk by a lot of them? No question about it. But I think that once you get into a good area, slowly covering more ground is better than standing still for 6 minutes.

For whites/yellows/grays, I'm a tree hunter, so I move quickly from one likely tree to the next. Why would you walk for 1 minute and then stand in a bad spot for 6 more? The next good spot might be only 20 seconds away - should you walk by it because of some pre-determined rule? And sometimes I go 20 minutes without even looking if I'm stuck in the wrong habitat.

Just a few...

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