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Name: Joel
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Re: Dehydration Help

I agree with you, Frank. Cut them in half and dry/dehydrate as is. Another issue with washing/soaking and then dehydrating is that you're going to wash/soak them again when you rehydrate, so you're handling them a lot more and they can be fragile. A lot of the bugs and stuff will fall off in the dehydrating process and then the rest will be cleaned during the rehydrating process. It's a lot of extra work to wash them twice for little gain, in my opinion.

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Name: Dave
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Re: Dehydration Help

If I find them up north, either black or white, I just brush the noticible dirt off with a small paint brush, cut them in half and put them in the dehydrator. Northern morels are generally bug free, and have better flavor than those from S.E. MI.
If I find them in the southeast part of the state, they are MUCH more likely to have bugs and dirt ground in, so I fill a sink with water (no salt, why use salt?) and process them one at a time, rinsing each indivitually if there was anything (dirt or bugs) inside.
Brandon, whites around here frequently have slimy slugs inside them - I never dry them whole. Plus, they sometimes look OK on the outside but have rust on the inside. I discard these. Also, sometimes a white morel will turn almost black when you dehydrate it - these go in the trash too.
Finally, make sure the dehydrator is on the low setting (100 degrees max), you do not want to fry them while you're drying them.

Just a few...

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Name: victor
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Re: Dehydration Help

i air dry mine by stringing them on thread or fish line. i hang them in the least used room in the house to help keep the dust down on them. when they have hung for a long while then i put them in mason jars. i throw in a couple beef bullion cubes wrapped. to rehydrate i desolve the bullion cubes in extra warm water then submerge the morels in it. i use a plate to hold them under. gives great flavor to any dish using this method i never have been one who likes the fast method of dehydrating anything.

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Name: Frank
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Re: Dehydration Help

This is a good thread. It may just end up in the Helpful Bag of Stuff forum.


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dehydrating, preserving

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