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Old Feb 24, 2013, 8:20 pm   #1
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Name: Blake
Southern, Michigan USA
Join Date: Mar 11, 2012
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Pine trees and morels...

I'm wondering how you all like to hunt pine trees for morels...

Do you prefer a forest of pine trees? or how about Scattered mixed with other morel producing trees like BTA or Elm, etc.? Or no forest at all and prefer to look for them in the grassy areas?

Northern white pine... Red pines.... spruce pines? Are you looking for blacks, or greys and blondes?

I have a couple finds around Northern white pine, but I can't associate much correlation between the two areas. Also a couple around spruce pines but again it's one specific environment, I have a hard time duplicating the same environment.

Thanks in advance to any of those who answer!!
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big amish
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Name: jeff
Northern, Indiana usa
south bend
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Re: Pine trees and morels...

I have found some around White Pine, but that is it for the pines. Red, spruce, fir etc are rarely conducive to morels. I have found large flushes of half-free's in white pines and a few yellows in transition areas from a stand of white pines to other leafy trees, type of leafy tree didn't seem to make a difference. My Dad always said the pine needles "sour" the soil, but the in-between areas were good because a few pine needles hold the ground moisture better than other areas.
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Name: Scott
Northern, Ohio USA
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Re: Pine trees and morels...

I have had lots of success at the edge of pines. Whether it be along yards or meadows, or at the edge of woods, where the pine needles mingle with the other humus I often find greys and yellows. Also, in older stands of pines where the pines are mixed with raspberry vines and other trees I have found them under the pine stands themselves. In large pine groves where little sunlight gets in I haven't had success.

I have found yellows, greys, and blacks around white pine, cedar, and jack pine. I also found greys and yellows every year around the blue spruce that lined the edge of our yard. Whatever the species of pine, I always at least scan them as I walk by.
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Ohio Transplant
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Name: Rex
Southern, Ontario CA
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Re: Pine trees and morels...

I have a couple of spots that produce along spruce rows also.
White pine occasionally too.
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Name: Josh
Central, Michigan USA
Genesee County
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Re: Pine trees and morels...

didnt see this post until now. this one is very interesting to me because so far in the research ive done trying to get back into morel hunting, ive heard very little online of people hunting morels around pines at all. like next to nothing about pines. but when i was a kid one of the best spots i picked with my grandparents every year was a large stand of pines, mostly white pines, covering a large group of hills (range of hills? im not sure the proper way to say that, but it was a large group of long hills running side by side). the pine stand butted up to a fairly clear grassy area with more pines mixed in(white and spruce) along with some ferns. at the bottom of the group of hills, you came down towards a small sort of swampy valley littered with small shrubs, ferns, and a lot of poplar trees. now, i remember finding morels across the whole area: right on the edge of the swampy part as well as out in the grassy, ferny area, but from what i can remember, we got most of them in the pine stand itself. these were quite big pines, and the entire hillside was littered with a pretty thick covering of needles. im not sure if this is somewhat of a rarity or what. it was a really sandy, rich type of soil so maybe the fact that the soil was so perfect for morels sort of negated the effects from the needles. im not sure but it has just seemed strange to me this whole time that the area i can remember doing the best in has been the type of area ive heard almost nobody talk of hunting in online. this post clears things up for me a little anyways.

for what it's worth, i came back to this spot last season a couple times in my first attempt at finding morels since probably 2004. with the weird weather and lack of rain, the dirt was bone dry and i didnt find a single morel or stem or anything in this spot. across the road from this area, there's a downhill slope with a lake probably about 50 yards from the road. i decided to try that side of the road hoping the soil would have a bit of moisture and after combing the whole area i did find 3 morels and 2 of the big beefsteak mushrooms, but they were ridiculously dried out. the way the locals had been talking about their season, i felt kinda lucky just to find those.

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Sprinkaway Farms
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Name: Mike
Northern, Michigan USA
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Re: Pine trees and morels...

I didn't find one morel in the pines last year(did find the smallest grey in the mixed trees) and had my best year ever. Live in the Manistee National Forest, found plenty of other mushrooms. I found most of my blacks in the ferns between some spruce and birch(close to some boggy areas). Found all my yellows around old apple trees. Looking forward to expanding my looking this year!!
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Name: Blake
Southern, Michigan USA
Join Date: Mar 11, 2012
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Re: Pine trees and morels...

The pines that I have found morels in have all been slightly different. one was a field with a half dozen spread out spruce pines that have to be 150-200 years old... they're just huge. There's grass growing among them and when i found a mossy spot with some wild strawberries mixed in... BINGO. Another spot is a row of northern white pines in a manicured lawn and they grow in the grass. And another northern white pine located in a plot of land where i hunt elm trees, but found a couple blondes under a pine. My girlfriend's dad's neighbor had 2 crassipes fruit under a blue spruce right in their side yard in the needles next to the grass...

I KNOW they like the pines... but it's hard to put all the puzzle pieces together when hunting the pines... also tough predicting when they will fruit on account that the pines shade the ground more and keep the temps lower longer so i know they'll fruit slightly later...

Thanks to all who replied to this post and hope I keep hearing more people chime in!
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Name: Dave
Southern, Michigan USA
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Re: Pine trees and morels...

I have found white/grey/yellow morels in stands of white pines. Never in huge quantities, bus sometimes by the dozen. That said, my best success has been in areas where the white pines were mixed with elm, and the mushrooms seemed to be most interested in the elms...

This topic is of particular interest to me this year, though, because I will be out in Northern California to run a marathon through the redwood forests of Humboldt County the first week of May, and I know that there are several other pine species (Douglas Fir for sure) that may be good hosts for morels. I'm going to try to learn more about which Western species provide the best habitat between now and then. The last time I was out in this area was in September about 20 years ago, and I found more chanterelles than I could pick amongst the Douglas Firs...

Just a few...

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Name: Jeff
Southern, Michigan USA
Benton Harbor
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Re: Pine trees and morels...

I find my black morels in a sandy mixed forest, with Black Cherries, Eastern Hemlock, and Eastern White Pines.

I found some on my friend's blueberry farm growing in the grass near some Red Pines back in 1997.

Jeff O.
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Old Mar 27, 2013, 7:39 pm   #10
up north
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Name: Todd
Upper Peninsula, Michigan USA
Bark River
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Re: Pine trees and morels...

We find white morels by white pines, and we find a lot of blacks under balsam trees.
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