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Re: Tree identification (southeast michigan)

Originally Posted by Michigander586 View Post
hi guys, I'm new to morel hunting and have been spending a lot of time on my bike this spring to find potential morel spots in my area. Today I found a very large wooded area with plenty of cottonwoods, tulips, ash, and elms (or at least I believe so). Wondering if any of the veterans out there could help me with a id on these trees. since it is so early I only got pictures of the bark, but any help/thoughts/suggestions would be much appreciated.

1st picture: is what I believe to be a ash, dead and splitting bark at the top.

2nd picture: is another one that I think is a ash also dead.

3rd picture: is a large cottonwood on the left and a small elm on the right?
Hey Michigander546 and fellow shroomers, I'm fairly confident that this is not an elm tree. The tree pictured here next to the cottonwood has bark that is too thick and deep for an elm tree. Im not sure what kind of tree it is but I do know that it doesnt produce morels. I have a few areas that have these trees in them in abundance. I have wondered what type of tree they are. The youtube vid. Jochs posted above has great shots of elm trees; you can clearly see the differance between them and the one pictured in your post. good Luck.
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Re: Tree identification (southeast michigan)

Darn, I sure hope im not wasting all that time looking around them then! I will collect some leaves as soon as they come in and get to the bottom of this.
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Re: Tree identification (southeast michigan)

Yeah now that I look at it again... looks like black locust to me
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Re: Tree identification (southeast michigan)

Ash trees often have stems left-over from last year's seeds on the tips of their branches, and have twigs that are opposite from each other on their branches.

Go back and look at the tree that people think is a Black Locust. If it is, it probably has locust bean seed pods hanging on the thorny branches.
Living elms in S MI are now getting seeds, and Cottonwoods are in bloom.
Black Cherries and Silver Maples (and Red Maples) are starting to get their leaves in Berrien County.

Jeff O.
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ash trees, elm trees

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